Outside of me, he’s the prettiest boxer around.
- Muhammad Ali, regarding Terry Daniels, 1970

How Did a Good-Looking Kid from Cleveland End Up Fighting for the Heavyweight Championship of the World?

  • "The Terry Daniels story might sound a bit too outlandish to be a true story. It is more than real...There is more in the book than boxing. There are tales of a bygone era in which family, faith and old-fashioned American values were at the forefront."
    - Lake County News-Herald, 11/10/15
  • "Terry was not only a 4.0 grade-point student, he also was an amazing athlete. The book starts with Terry's brief college football career with the (SMU) Mustangs and ends with him fighting for the heavyweight championship of the world in 1972."
    - Medina Gazette, 11/12/15
  • "The author excels in describing the tension and excitement of Terry's matches and at framing the story in the mid- to late '60s."
    - Akron Beacon Journal, 11/16/15
  • "On behalf of the staff and board of directors of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, your book, "My Brother the Boxer: The Terry Daniels Story" will be added to the collection in the Boxing Hall of Fame..."
    Edward Brophy, Executive Director, November 25, 2015

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It’s a Daniels and Goliath Story

Not all professional athletes enjoy their day in the sun with milestone accomplishments and record-breaking accolades. But when Terry Daniels got into the ring with Joe Frazier – the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, 10 months after Frazier won the “Fight of the Century” against Muhammad Ali – he had over 70 million people in January 1972 witnessing a magical event, forever etched in their minds.

Two Sides of a Champ

In 1964, at the tender age of 18, Terry Daniels had a lot of choices to make. After being honored with one of the highest awards for high school scholastics in the state, he had several colleges recruiting him to play on their football and baseball teams.

Thinking long and hard, Terry decided to attend Southern Methodist University (SMU), a prestigious college located in Dallas, Texas. He chose SMU, the largest Methodist College in the nation, because it met his top three criteria. He could: 1) Explore classes in Engineering and Theology, 2) Play football for a team in the Southwest Conference, 3) Live in a warmer climate.

Life was good.

But as he climbed aboard his motorcycle heading to Dallas to begin his freshman year, could he have even imagined that by his senior year of college he’d be fighting Joe Frazier for the Heavyweight Championship of the World?

FRESHMAN '64-'65

Golden Gloves
Novice Champion (’65)


SMU Varsity Baseball
'66 Open Golden Gloves 
Heavyweight Finalist

JUNIOR ’66-’68

Golden Gloves Champion &
Texas State Champion

SENIOR ’69-’72

Turned Pro
Fights Frazier after Frazier’s “Fight of the Century with Ali”

The Author

Jeff Daniels is honoring his brother’s achievements with his book My Brother the Boxer: The Terry Daniels Story (Amazon).

My brother sparred or competed with the titans of the boxing industry including Ali, Frazier and Patterson. This is my chance to show Terry how much his courage and perseverance has meant to my family and me.
- Jeff Daniels, author of My Brother the Boxer: The Terry Daniels Story